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My 10 Holiday Tips

That Will Fill Your

Home With Joy & Love

While Having Fun!

A Little Champagne Punch With Christmas Brunch

Blend cranberry juice, pink lemonade, lime, white wine, club soda and champagne. Add a few raspberries and mint leaves and you my friend will be set....Cheers!






Open For The New~ Holiday time is the best time to spend with friends & family and a great time to try new things with the ones you love.


Be You~ Make sure you shine bright like a diamond; it’s your  home so decorate to your own style.


Use What You Got~ My theory is “use what you already have and go from there.” Sometimes we like to do a lot of extra shopping before checking out our own inventory…Start with what you got!


Ribbons For Days~ I love using ribbons for almost any and everything, from  napkin rings, place cards, to beautiful bows on all the door knobs…it’s cheap and oh so chic!


Say My Name~ Where do you start? Just find a focal point and build from there. See it might be the centerpieces on your dining table or even your fireplace mantel...Just make it stand out, as a matter of fact, let it have your name all over it! Make it BEAUTIFUL, Make it YOU!


Bring The Outdoors In~ Dazzle your house with freshness by using a little berries, pine, evergreen, fresh flowers and nuts are perfect for the holidays and easy on the pocket. I just love placing scented pinecones all over the house, in the bathrooms, the guestrooms and even by the front door... This make me feel so connected to Mother Earth.


Go Vintage~ Yes make the old new again! It's really nice when you can decorate with things from the past, like an old family throw, china, old Christmas cards and even old family photos. Bring the love to the room and others will vibe with you, trust me on that. So bring out those throwback photos and dress them up in a wonderful holiday frame.


You only got 20 bucks in your pocket~ No worries, it will cost you less then 12 bucks for a dozen of red roses from your local market. Also  try adding fresh berries to that water, trust it will add that extra glam and you my friend will pull off a look as if you had a million bucks.


Spice It Up~ Scented candles of cinnamon and apple spice will infuse your room with joy. Even try slicing fresh apples and boil with cinnamon sticks together, it's sure to add a beautiful holiday aroma to your home.


The Must Haves~ And last and so not least, stay warm and cozy by lighting the fireplace, making hot coco and listening to the sounds of Christmas music. Music is a must, in no time you'll start to feel all that holiday love.


Happy Holidays...HB






Holiday Style

Don't Forget To Be Good To The Planet This Holiday And In Return She'll Be Good To YOU!

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